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When relocating to another country it is important to do your homework. There are various official sites where you can receive updates, especially if you are a UK citizen planning a move to Spain after the changes made on the 1st January 2021.

Citizens Advice Bureau in Spain (CAB) -

British Embassy Spain: British Embassy Madrid -

Both also have facebook pages; CAB Spain and Brits in Spain (British embassy)

If you require a visa to reside or work in Spain, we can help with the application; however the visa must be applied for prior to your move to Spain. The visa provides the prior authorisation you need for your extended stay. Depending on your postcode in the UK, you will have to attend an appointment to apply for the visa at either London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

EU residency and NIE numbers can be applied for directly from Immigration and the National Police at the Oficina de Extranjeros in Almeria.

Once you have your visa it is necessary to travel to Spain within the validity of the visa. When crossing into the Schengen area your passport will be stamped with a date of arrival. It is important to apply for your TIE residency card within one month of your arrival date in your passport.

There are a number of tasks to carry out when you first arrive, all of which ADD Services can help you with, from registering on the “padron” with your local Town hall, to making a Spanish Will.

Working with trusted partners, we are able to offer additional services such as general insurance, tax and pension advice, currency exchange, and private healthcare.

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